2003 Miniature, low-dose, intrauterine drug-delivery systems

Dirk Wildemeersch, Marc Dhont, Steven Weyers, Marleen Temmerman

2003 Mother-to-child HIV transmission in resource poor settings: how to improve coverage?

Marleen Temmerman, An Quaghebeur, F MWANYUMBA, K MANDALIYA

2003 Performance of the acetic acid test when used in field conditions as a screening test for cervical cancer

Patricia Claeys, H DE VUYST, C GONZALEZ, A GARCIA, RE BELLO, Marleen Temmerman

2003 Perinatale Cytomegalovirus infectie

L GOOSSENS, Marleen Temmerman, Piet Vanhaesebrouck

2003 Perinatale Toxoplasma gondii-infectie1 Een update anno 2002

Piet Vanhaesebrouck, W FOULON, Lieven Van Renterghem, Linde Goossens, Marleen Temmerman

2003 Placental inflammation and perinatal outcome

F Mwanyumba, I Inion, P Gaillard, K Mandaliya, Marleen Praet, Marleen Temmerman

2003 Placental malaria and perinatal transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1

I INION, F MWANYUMBA, P GAILLARD, V CHOHAN, Chris Verhofstede, Patricia Claeys, K MANDALIYA, E VAN MARCK, Marleen Temmerman

2003 Prenatal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in fetal varicella syndrome: correlation with pathology findings

Hans Verstraelen, B VANZIELEGHEM, Paul Defoort, Piet Vanhaesebrouck, Marleen Temmerman

2003 Seksuele dysfunctie bij de vrouw na gynaecologische chirurgie

Marleen Temmerman

2002 The GFATM (Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria) : which countries owe, and how much?

T France, Gorik Ooms, B Rivers

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