Ms Gerlinde Werdefroy



As a scientific researcher at ICRH Gerlinde works 2 nights and 1 afternoon a week to help man the French speaking chatline where victims of sexual violence and their support system can anonymously reach out for help and information. We offer a warm place of support and lend an ear to their struggles. At the same time we test and evaluate the chatline and she supports the promotional activities.
Gerlinde graduated as a clinical psychologist in 2016, and started working as an independent psychologist. A passion for working in the intercultural (and international) field pushed her to enroll in a post graduate degree in Intercultural Aid (Thomas More). In 2020 she started working as a psychologist for CAW in Brussels, where she works with adults and young adults. Since she also enjoy working as a traumatherapist, this job is a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience.