Prevention measures of the infection disease in Belgium and its revelation to COVID-19

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Di Xiao, Rongxin He, Jun Zhang, Zhiyong Zhang, Ciyong Lu, Wei Hong Zhang


Abstract: The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has brought great challenges to China and even the world public health. Belgium has rich experiences in the prevention and control of infectious diseases. By searching the related literature and policy documents, this study reviews the emergency management laws and regulations, organization framework, funding, emergency system in Belgium and summarizes the successful experience of Belgian policies and measures for the prevention and control of epidemic Ebola in 2014.On this basis, the paper puts forward suggestions for COVID-19: To establish permanent infectious disease risk assessment team, build a cloud platform for prevention and control of infectious diseases by using big data and conduct practices regularly for the prevention of the infectious diseases. Key words: Belgium, prevention and control of infectious diseases, COVID-19




Wei-Hong Zhang

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比利时传染病防控应急体系与应急措施_肖笛.pdf (restricted)

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