Prof. Ines Keygnaert wins Lucien De Coninck 2020 Prize

Prof. Ines Keygnaert wins Lucien De Coninck 2020 Prize

The Lucien De Coninck Prize is a prize that is awarded every two years. It goes to the person who combines high-quality scientific research with humanistic and liberal inspired social engagement.

Ines is Assistant Professor in Sexual and Reproductive Health at ICRH. She is also the Team Leader of the "Gender & Violence" Team, focusing on violence prevention & response, sexual and reproductive health rights' violations, and on gender and sexual health promotion in vulnerable and hard to reach populations.

On behalf of the Belgian government, Ines developed, piloted and evaluated the first three Belgian Sexual Assault Care Centres. Based on the results of her extensive research on sexual research, she managed to transform a strictly biological-forensic inspired approach to a holistic and patient-oriented approach with a long term follow-up care.

The combination of her high quality research and all social achievements makes her the laureate of the LDC Prize 2020 in Life Sciences.

The award ceremony will be held on the Sunday morning of the 10th of May in the VC Geuzenhuis in Ghent.

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