A Community-based HPV screening Implementation in Low-Income countries - CHILI

A Community-based HPV screening Implementation in Low-Income countries - CHILI

We propose to evaluate the acceptability, feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the ELEVATE cervical cancer screening tool in low-income countries (LIC). The tool is a portable, battery-powered device compatible with self-sampling and comprises an HPV DNA test as well as a proteomic biomarkers detection sensor and will be offered to women in Uganda, Mozambique, Ethiopa and Cambodia.

This multidisciplinary consortium, led by Ghent University (Belgium), brings together social scientists, health economists and biosensor experts from Europe and the selected countries with industry partners. The approach is three-fold: social science investigations will be conducted to understand current screening practices and to define a tailored strategy, including the ELEVATE tool, embedded in the current health system. Secondly, engineers will validate the self-testing device and will adapt it to reduce the unit price and to enable large-scale manufacturing at an affordable cost. Finally, public health specialists and health economists will evaluate the implementation of the new screening tool to assess its appropriateness and cost-effectiveness. For the latter objective, an intervention will be implemented: in the first arm, the different steps of current cervical cancer screening practices will be optimized (awareness, pre-and post-counseling  and referral). In the second arm, the same strategy will be applied combined with the new point-of-care screening device. Integral part of CHILI is to maximize the use of the new screening tool in low-resource settings in collaboration with national stakeholders and health care providers.

Funding agencies

H2020 project European Commission


Ms. Heleen Vermandere Ms. Bo Verberckmoes Ms. Elien De Paepe Mr. Jan Vanfleteren Ms. Patricia Khashayar Mr. Sallam Al-Madhagi


Mr. Olivier Degomme


Universiteit Gent Universität Greifswald Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Escola Nacional de UNL/ENSP PT Saúde Pública Jimma University National Institute of Public Heath Universidade Eduardo Mondlane UVRI-IAVI HIV Vaccine Program Universitat Rovira i Virgili Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.V. Labman Automation Ltd microLIQUID sl Fundico bvba


September 01, 2021 - September 01, 2026

Project status

Project ongoing

Team members

Mr. Olivier Degomme
Ms. Heleen Vermandere


Cervical cancer and HPV