Developing strategies to combat violence against women in developing countries: health care strategies


Main objective:

Preliminary policy research for Belgian Technical Cooperation on combating gender based violence in developing countries

Specifc objectives:

To define the problem of gender based violence (GBV) in developing countries
To assess the magnitude of the problem of GBV in developing countries, in particular in partner countries
To define risk situations for GBV
To determine the role of the health sector in the detection and intervention of GBV
To formulate policy guidelines regarding prevention of GBV and interventions for victims of GBV by health care sector


Literature review
Networking with existing key organisations working on GBV in developing countries
Developing discussion group/workshop with experts to discuss possible health care strategies for combating GBV


Identification of key persons/experts/networks
Data collection regarding prevalence of GBV in developing countries
Literature review 
Data and literature analysis 
Organisation of workshop to discuss recommendations for health care strategies to combat GBV in developing countries
Writing of report and guidelines for Belgian development cooperation


Publication of report "Health care strategies for combating violence against women in developing countries. Ghent, August 1999", Els Leye, Ann Githaiga, Marleen Temmerman.
Strategies for the health care sector for the prevention of GBV and policy recommendations to combat GBV for the Belgian Technical cooperation.


Funding agencies



Els Leye, Ann Githaiga, Marleen Temmerman


January 01, 1999 - August 01, 1999

Project status

Project closed

Team members

Ms. Els Leye
Ms. Marleen Temmerman




Interpersonal violence

Series N°4 Health care strategies and VAW