HIV/AIDS prevention (IMPACT) project

To reduce HIV transmission, as measured by decreased sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in selected sex worker communities and workplaces in Mombasa. This goal will be realised through the promotion of safer sexual behaviour among the target groups, mainly through peer-education led activities.
Commercial Sex Worker Peer Education Programme
In three areas of Mombasa 127 trained Peer Educators reach an estimated peer population of 1500 sex workers. Peer Educators are given an intensive one-week training to enable them to facilitate group discussion every week within homes of their fellow CSWs. Like the workplace meetings, these meetings also rely heavily on participatory techniques such as role-play and drama. Through these discussion meetings it is hoped that individuals will assess their own personal risk of HIV and modify their sexual behaviour to keep themselves and their clients safe. In central Mombasa an active Drop-In Centre for Sex Workers forms the focal point for Peer Educator meetings, information and condom distribution. 
Workplace Peer Education Programme
In 8 companies in Mombasa, 387 trained peer educators are reaching a potential workforce of over 15,000.
Strengthening of clinical services and care
In collaboration with the Mombasa Municipal Council we are assisting to strengthen STI facilities within Kisauni and Magongo Health centres. This involves training of health care workers in syndromic management of STIs, establishing HIV voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) services and TB diagnostic services. Care and support includes two pilot sites offering TB Preventive Therapy and Cotrimoxazole Preventive Therapy for HIV-infected persons. Health care providers are being trained in management of opportunistic infections.
The project started in August 1999. The main activities during this period were the setting up of the office in Mombasa, the recruitment of local project co-ordinators, the establishment of contact with the target populations and their representatives, the recruitment of peer educators and the first training courses for the peer-educators.

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Temmerman M;Hawken M;Kingola N; Nyasani N; Gichuru E; Muindi M; Mwakiridia M; Mwayuli G; Mwendar G; Nderitu JNgao S; Nyanumba W; Onyimbi D; Rinyiru A; Sugal O; Syengo M; Wangari L; Baya L; Inyingi E; Karanja A; Mbete B; Mutungi M


FHI/USAID, USA; Ministry of Health, Kenya; ICRH Kenya, Kenya; ICRH Ghent, Belgium


August 01, 1999 - June 30, 2006

Project status

Project closed

Team members

Ms. Marleen Temmerman