Integrated Network Combating HIV/AIDS in Tete - Phase 1

Main objective:
To reduce the impact of the HIV epidemic in Tete province, and more specifically in the City of Tete and in Moatize District
Specific objectives:
To reduce the transmission of HIV through treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections
To improve the capacity of the Tete Provincial Health Department in the management of provincial HIV/AIDS/STI services
Improve the quality of STI care at all primary health care facilities of the covered areas through training, supervision, provision of supplies and operational research
Create and support an STI reference clinic at the provincial hospital
Upgrade the provincial hospital laboratory to provide an etiologic diagnosis of STI and conduct microbial resistance surveillance
Create and support an STI evening clinic for high-risk clients, in particular female sex workers and long-distance truck drivers
Improve maternal syphilis screening through the introduction of rapid tests in antenatal clinics
Support the Provincial Health Department in organising coordination meetings and exchange visits
Support regular supervision visits by the Provincial Health Department
All STI care providers have been trained and apply the latest national guidelines for a syndromic management of STI clients
An important group of high-risk clients has easy access to improved reproductive health services at the evening clinic
The rapid test for maternal syphilis screening has been succesfully introduced in all antenatal clinics

Funding agencies

Flemish government


Fulgencio Sambola, Johnny Lujan, Yves Lafort, Patricia Claeys, Marleen Temmerman


The Tete Provincial Health Department; Médecins sans Frontières, Luxemburg; The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp


November 01, 2006 - June 30, 2007

Project status

Project closed

Team members

Mr. Yves Lafort
Ms. Marleen Temmerman