Analytical and clinical performance of extended HPV genotyping with BD Onclarity HPV Assay in home-collected first-void urine : a diagnostic test accuracy study

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Severien Van Keer, Ardashel Latsuzbaia, Davy Vanden Broeck, Philippe De Sutter, Gilbert Donders, Jean Doyen, Wiebren A. A. Tjalma, Steven Weyers, Marc Arbyn, Alex Vorsters


Background: : Urine collection is a non-invasive self-sampling method offering the prospect of reaching women un (der)-screened for cervical cancer. The VALHUDES research framework was designed to address the lack of clinical accuracy data for high-risk (hr)HPV testing using urine samples. Objectives: : Here, we report on the analytical and clinical accuracy of hrHPV testing on first-void urine, collected at home, using an extended HPV genotyping assay. Study design: : Paired first-void urine (Colli-Pee with UCM, Novosanis; index test) and clinician-collected cervical samples (Cervex-Brush, Rovers in PreservCyt Solution, Hologic; comparator test) were collected from 492 women aged 19 to 72 years attending colposcopy (reference test, with histology if indicated) (VALHUDES; NCT03064087). Extended HPV genotyping was performed on paired samples with the BD Onclarity HPV Assay. Cut-offs defined for cervical samples were also applied for first-void urine. Results: : HrHPV testing in first-void urine was similarly sensitive for both CIN2+ (ratio 1.00; 95% CI: 0.93-1.07) and CIN3 (ratio 0.98; 95% CI: 0.88-1.08), and marginally less specific for 2 (ratio 0.92; 95% CI: 0.84-0.996) compared to cervical samples. HPV test agreement between sample pairs expressed as Cohen's Kappa (kappa) was moderate to excellent for overall hrHPV and individual genotypes (or groups) (kappa=0.56-0.85). Conclusions: : BD Onclarity HPV Assay on first-void urine has similar clinical sensitivity and somewhat lower specificity to detect cervical precancer to testing on clinician-collected cervical samples.

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