Mr Peter Gichangi

Visiting Professor


Publications of Peter

2024 Pattern and determinants of contraceptive use among the muslim women in Wajir and Lamu counties in Kenya : a cross-sectional study

Batula Abdi, Jerry Okal, Gamal Serour, Vincent Were, Marleen Temmerman, Peter Gichangi

2023 Evaluation of factors associated with HIV self-testing acceptability and uptake among the MSM community in Nairobi, Kenya : a cross sectional study

John Ndungu, Peter Gichangi, Marleen Temmerman

2023 Survival of cervical cancer patients at Moi teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret in western Kenya

Emily Waleghwa Mwaliko, P. Itsura, A. Keter, Dirk De Bacquer, N. Buziba, H. Bastiaens, A. Jackie, A. Obala, V. Naanyu, Peter Gichangi, Marleen Temmerman

2023 Fertility and contraceptive dynamics amidst COVID-19 : who is at greatest risk for unintended pregnancy among a cohort of adolescents and young adults in Nairobi, Kenya?

SN Wood, ME Byrne, M Thiongo, B Devoto, G Wamue-Ngare, MR Decker, Peter Gichangi

2023 The effectiveness of combined approaches towards improving utilisation of adolescent sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya : a quasi-experimental evaluation

Lilian Mutea, Justinah Maluni, Mark Kabue, Vincent Were, Susan Ontiri, Kristien Michielsen, Peter Gichangi

2022 Assessment of the lifetime prevalence and incidence of induced abortion and correlates among female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya : a secondary cohort analysis

Anne Marieke Simmelink, Caroline M Gichuki, Frances H Ampt, Griffins Manguro, Megan S C Lim, Paul Agius, Margaret Hellard, Walter Jaoko, Mark A Stoové, Kelly L'Engle, Marleen Temmerman, Peter Gichangi, Stanley Lüchters

2022 Increased condom use among key populations using oral PrEP in Kenya : results from large scale programmatic surveillance

Griffins Manguro, Abednego M. Musau, Daniel K. Were, Soud Tengah, Brian Wakhutu, Jason Reed, Marya Plotkin, Stanley Lüchters, Peter Gichangi, Marleen Temmerman

2022 Busting contraception myths and misconceptions among youth in Kwale County, Kenya : results of a digital health randomised control trial

Peter Gichangi, Lianne Gonsalves, Jefferson Mwaisaka, Mary Thiongo, Ndema Habib, Michael Waithaka, Tigest Tamrat, Alfred Agwanda, Hellen Sidha, Marleen Temmerman, Lale Say

2022 Differences in HIV, STI and other risk factors among younger and older male sex workers who have sex with men in Nairobi, Kenya

Nicholas Muraguri, Jerry Okoth Okal, Marleen Temmerman, Dunstan Mukoko, Helgar K. Musyoki, Peter Gichangi

2022 Missed opportunities for family planning counselling among postpartum women in eleven counties in Kenya

Mary N. Thiongo, Peter Gichangi, Michael Waithaka, Amy Tsui, Linnea A. Zimmerman, Scott Radloff, Marleen Temmerman, Saifuddin Ahmed

2022 Implementation of respondent driven sampling in Nairobi, Kenya, for tracking key family planning indicators among adolescents and youth : lessons learnt

Mary Thiongo, Peter Gichangi, Patrick K. Macho, Meagan E. Byrne, Peter Kimani, Michael Waithaka, Scott Radloff, Philip Anglewicz, Michele R. Decker

2022 Product-access challenges to menstrual health throughout the COVID-19 pandemic among a cohort of adolescent girls and young women in Nairobi, Kenya

Shannon N. Wood, Rachel Milkovich, Mary Thiongo, Meagan E. Byrne, Bianca Devoto, Grace Wamue-Ngare, Michele R. Decker, Peter Gichangi

2022 Sexual harassment before and during the COVID-19 pandemic among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in Nairobi, Kenya : a cross-sectional study

Kristin G Bevilacqua, A Williams, Shannon N Wood, G Wamue-Ngare, Mary Thiongo, Peter Gichangi, Michele R Decker

2022 The relationship between client dissatisfaction and contraceptive discontinuation among urban family planning clients in three sub-Saharan African countries

Carolina Cardona, Funmilola M. OlaOlorun, Elizabeth Omulabi, Peter Gichangi, Mary Thiogo, Amy Tsui, Philip Anglewicz

2022 Trends and determinants of adolescent pregnancy : results from Kenya demographic health surveys 2003–2014

Lilian Mutea, Vincent Were, Susan Ontiri, Kristien Michielsen, Peter Gichangi

2022 Violence and victimization in interactions between male sex workers and male clients in Mombasa, Kenya

Pablo K. Valente, Alberto Edeza, Tsitsi B. Masvawure, Theo G. M. Sandfort, Peter Gichangi, Arjee J. Restar, Jack Ume Tocco, Sophie Vusha Chabeda, Yves Lafort, Joanne E. Mantell

2021 Demand satisfied by modern contraceptive among married women of reproductive age in Kenya

Peter Gichangi, Michael Waithaka, Mary Thiongo, Alfred Agwanda, Scott Radloff, Amy Tsui, Linea Zimmerman, Marleen Temmerman

2021 Early detection of cervical cancer in western Kenya : determinants of healthcare providers performing a gynaecological examination for abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding

Emily Waleghwa Mwaliko, G Van Hal, H Bastiaens, S Van Dongen, Peter Gichangi, B Otsyula, V Naanyu, Marleen Temmerman

2021 Gendered health, economic, social and safety impact of COVID-19 on adolescents and young adults in Nairobi, Kenya

Michele R. Decker, Shannon N. Wood, Mary Thiongo, Meagan E. Byrne, Bianca Devoto, Rosemary Morgan, Kristin Bevilacqua, Anaise Williams, H. Colleen Stuart, Grace Wamue- Ngare, Lori Heise, Nancy Glass, Philip Anglewicz, Elizabeth Gummerson, Peter Gichangi

2021 Young people’s experiences using an on-demand mobile health sexual and reproductive health text message intervention in Kenya : qualitative study

Jefferson Mwaisaka, Lianne Gonsalves, Mary Thiongo, Michael Waithaka, Hellen Sidha, Otieno Alfred, Carol Mukiira, Peter Gichangi