PSR-project in collaboration with The Belgian Government for Development Cooperation (DGD)

The Belgian Government for Development Cooperation (DGD) wants to work on an improved Belgian policy in the field of SDGs, gender, water and private sector development. For this, they wish to make use of policy-supporting research in collaboration with Belgian researchers affiliated with a higher education institution.

Since 2019, ICRH has been working on a PSR-project in the in the area of “Support to the Gender Policy”. The overall aim of this project is to support and strengthen the integration of gender into the Belgian development cooperation policy. During the first year, and as requested in the terms of reference, we aimed to:

  • Map and analyze gender activities in Belgian Development Cooperation
  • Provide technical and analytical support for the implementation of gender-related reporting and the use of the gender marker in the PRISMA database
  • Formulate operational recommendations to support the gender policy

Based on the results and findings, the collaboration got extended for a second year. The focus will be on the optimization of text-mining techniques to strengthen the DGDs capacity to continuously map and analyze the integration of gender equality into their activities. As well as a more in depth analysis of the gender dimension in specific projects to identify best-practices.


Belgische Directie-Generaal voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (DGD)



Project status

Project ongoing

Team members

Mr. Olivier Degomme




Policy analysis