Evaluation of the ELIMIKA pilot project : improving ART adherence among HIV positive youth using an eHealth intervention in Mombasa, Kenya

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Olena Ivanova, Sammy Wambua, Jefferson Mwaisaka, Thomas Bossier, Mary Thiongo, Kristien Michielsen, Peter Gichangi


Adolescents and young people are arguably the most dynamic and challenging group among populations living with HIV. The adherence to anti-retroviral treatment (ART) is often low among HIV-positive youth, thus creative and context specific interventions are necessary. We aimed at evaluating the usability and effectiveness of the pilot digital peer support platform – ELIMIKA, implemented in Mombasa, Kenya. We applied a pre-post-test design. Data collection consisted of two parts: pre- and post-online knowledge and behavior questionnaires, and a mid-term usability survey. From 90 recruited participants, 81 completed the pre- and post-questionnaires. Overall, the participants were satisfied with the main features of the web platform and stated that they would use it again (95%). However, there was not a significant change in knowledge and behavior, but adherence intentions after 3 months intervention period have improved. This study provides valuable information on feasibility, evaluation and challenges of eHealth intervention in Kenya that supports further research in this area.

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Peter Gichangi
Kristien Michielsen

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