Triage Tool for identification, care and referral of victims of sexual violence at European asylum reception and accommodation initiatives

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Ines Keygnaert, Leni Linthout


Within the European Union, migrants, applicants for international protection and refugees are at high risk of sexual victimization prior to, during and after their arrival in Europe. Within this population, up to 58% and 32% of females and males respectively, have experienced sexual victimization. Despite this high prevalence, sexual violence is rarely disclosed and/or reported, specifically in the setting of asylum reception and accommodation initiatives. Furthermore, the access to inclusive and holistic care that encompasses medical, forensic and psychosocial care for migrant victims of sexual violence is often hampered by a broad range of barriers. This Triage Tool is designed to assist practitioners working in asylum reception and accommodation initiatives in order to meet the unique needs of migrant victims by identifying indicators of sexual violence, providing initial care and eventually referring them to inclusive and holistic services where needed. After using the Triage Tool, professionals should feel better equipped to address concerns relating to sexual violence among MAR victims and to reflect upon and communicate these concerns to colleagues.

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Ines Keygnaert

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