2022 Inhoudelijk eindrapport Online opleiding rond seksueel geweld voor advocatuur

Ines Keygnaert, Lisa Fomenko, Saar Baert, Nele Vaerewijck

2022 Assessment of the lifetime prevalence and incidence of induced abortion and correlates among female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya : a secondary cohort analysis

Anne Marieke Simmelink, Caroline M Gichuki, Frances H Ampt, Griffins Manguro, Megan S C Lim, Paul Agius, Margaret Hellard, Walter Jaoko, Mark A Stoové, Kelly L'Engle, Marleen Temmerman, Peter Gichangi, Stanley Lüchters

2022 Increased condom use among key populations using oral PrEP in Kenya : results from large scale programmatic surveillance

Griffins Manguro, Abednego M. Musau, Daniel K. Were, Soud Tengah, Brian Wakhutu, Jason Reed, Marya Plotkin, Stanley Lüchters, Peter Gichangi, Marleen Temmerman

2022 Victimization of applicants for international protection residing in Belgium : sexual violence and help-seeking behavior

Lotte De Schrijver, Anne Nobels, Jonathan Harb, Laurent Nisen, Kristien Roelens, Tom Vander Beken, Christophe Vandeviver, Ines Keygnaert

2022 Older European adults and access to healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

Yushan Yu, Mirko Petrovic, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Perceived availability of home- and community-based services and self-reported depression among Chinese older adults : a cross-sectional study

Yushan Yu, Jun Zhang, Chao Song, Mirko Petrovic, Xiaomei Pei, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Barriers and facilitators to cervical cancer screening among under-screened women in Cuenca, Ecuador : the perspectives of women and health professionals

Bernardo Vega Crespo, Vivian Alejandra Neira, Jose Ortiz Segarra, Andres Andrade, Gabriela Guerra, Stalin Ortiz, Antonieta Flores, Lorena Mora, Veronique Verhoeven, Ana Gama, Sonia Dias, Bo Verberckmoes, Heleen Vermandere, Kristien Michielsen, Olivier Degomme

2022 Resilience and prenatal mental health in Pakistan : a qualitative inquiry

Shireen Bhamani, David Arthur, An-Sofie Van Parys, Nicole Letourneau, Gail Wagnild, Shahirose Sadrudin Premji, Nargis Asad, Olivier Degomme

2022 Improving holistic care for migrant victims of sexual violence : validation of a 'checklist' for identification of sexually victimized applicants for international protection

Leni Linthout, Ines Keygnaert

2022 Protection versus prosecution : gaps and promising practices for reporting of sexual violence by undocumented migrants in Belgium, Ireland and the UK

Leni Linthout, Ines Keygnaert

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