2022 Perceived availability of home- and community-based services and self-reported depression among Chinese older adults : a cross-sectional study

Yushan Yu, Wei-Hong Zhang

2022 Sexual violence against migrant men in Europe : prevalence and exploratory research

Lotte De Schrijver

2022 The challenges faced by nursing homes during the early COVID-19 outbreak

Katrina Perehudoff, Wei-Hong Zhang

2022 Improving holistic care for migrant victims of sexual violence : validation of a 'checklist' for identification of sexually victimized applicants for international protection

Ines Keygnaert

2022 Protection versus prosecution : gaps and promising practices for reporting of sexual violence by undocumented migrants in Belgium, Ireland and the UK

Ines Keygnaert

2022 A comparative human rights analysis of laws and policies for adolescent contraception in Uganda and Kenya

Kristien Michielsen, Katrina Perehudoff

2022 Which factors contribute to sexual well-being? A comparative study among 17 to 20 year old boys and girls in Belgium and Ecuador

Sara De Meyer, Kristien Michielsen

2022 Trends and determinants of adolescent pregnancy : results from Kenya demographic health surveys 2003–2014

Peter Gichangi, Kristien Michielsen

2022 The International Sexual Health And REproductive Health during COVID-19 (I-SHARE) study : a multicountry analysis of adults from 30 countries prior to and during the initial coronavirus disease 2019 wave

Kristien Michielsen, Wei-Hong Zhang

2022 Care for victims of sexual violence : evaluation of setting up sexual assault care centers in Belgium

Saar Baert, Ines Keygnaert

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