2021 Triage Tool voor identificatie, zorg en doorverwijzing van slachtoffers van seksueel geweld in Europese asielcentra en opvanginitiatieven

Ines Keygnaert

2021 Systematic review of the concept ‘male involvement in maternal health’ by natural language processing and descriptive analysis

Olivier Degomme, Anna Galle

2021 Towards a global framework for assessing male involvement in maternal health : results of an international Delphi study

Olivier Degomme, Anna Galle

2021 Which factors contribute to sexual well-being? A comparative study among 17 to 20 year old boys and girls in Belgium and Ecuador

Sara De Meyer, Kristien Michielsen

2021 Piloting sexual assault care centres in Belgium : who do they reach and what care is offered?

Saar Baert, Ines Keygnaert

2021 Mental health and domestic violence in LGB+ persons during lockdown measures in Belgium

Lotte De Schrijver, Ines Keygnaert

2021 'Breaking the silence' : sexual victimisation in an old age psychiatry patient population in Flanders

Ines Keygnaert, Anne Nobels

2021 'Time does not heal all wounds' : sexual victimisation is associated with depression, anxiety and PTSD in old age

Ines Keygnaert, Anne Nobels

2021 Challenges in conducting sexual health and violence research in older adults beyond the General Data Protection Regulation : a Belgian case study

Ines Keygnaert, Anne Nobels

2021 Older adults : forgotten in research, policies and health care practices regarding sexual violence

Ines Keygnaert, Anne Nobels

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