2023 Rape Myths in the European Court of Human Rights’ Non-Refoulement Case Law on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Lore Roels

2023 Improving safeguarding of unaccompanied migrant young people

Susanna Corona Maioli, Amy Stevens, Alexandra Cardoso Pinto, Leni Linthout, Delan Devakumar

2023 Belgium's health care system : the way forward to address the challenges of the 21st century ; comment on 'Integration or fragmentation of health care? Examining policies and politics in a Belgian case study'

Jan De Maeseneer, Anna Galle

2023 Fertility and contraceptive dynamics amidst COVID-19 : who is at greatest risk for unintended pregnancy among a cohort of adolescents and young adults in Nairobi, Kenya?

SN Wood, ME Byrne, M Thiongo, B Devoto, G Wamue-Ngare, MR Decker, Peter Gichangi

2023 The effectiveness of combined approaches towards improving utilisation of adolescent sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya : a quasi-experimental evaluation

Lilian Mutea, Justinah Maluni, Mark Kabue, Vincent Were, Susan Ontiri, Kristien Michielsen, Peter Gichangi

2023 Iedereen gelijk of iedereen anders? Gendersensitieve zorgverlening met oog voor intersectionaliteit

Lotte De Schrijver

2023 Characterization of premigration and postmigration multidomain factors and psychosocial health among refugee children and adolescents after resettlement in Australia

Lan Guo, Li Li, Ke Xu, Wanxin Wang, Yanyan Ni, Wenyan Li, Jianhua Gong, Ciyong Lu, Wei Hong Zhang

2023 Effect of low‐molecular‐weight heparin on placenta‐mediated fetal growth restriction in a tertiary referral hospital : a 7‐year retrospective cohort study

Jinfeng Xu, Yuxin Tang, Bing Peng, Wei Hong Zhang, Xiaodong Wang

2023 Sex and sexual orientation in the effects of coping strategies on relationship satisfaction

Chao Song, Ann Buysse, Wei Hong Zhang, Ciyong Lu, Alexis Dewaele

2023 Spatiotemporal and seasonal trends of class A and B notifiable infectious diseases in China : retrospective analysis

Junyao Zheng, Ning Zhang, Guoquan Shen, Fengchao Liang, Yang Zhao, Xiaochen He, Ying Wang, Rongxin He, Wenna Chen, Hao Xue, Yue Shen, Yang Fu, Wei Hong Zhang, Lei Zhang, Samir Bhatt, Ying Mao, Bin Zhu

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