2020 A systematic review of intimate partner violence interventions focused on improving social support and/ mental health outcomes of survivors

Olivier Degomme, Emilomo Ogbe

2020 A qualitative study on midwives' identity and perspectives on the occurrence of disrespect and abuse in Maputo city

Olivier Degomme, Anna Galle

2020 'Too grey to be true?' Sexual violence in older adults : a critical interpretive synthesis of evidence

Ines Keygnaert, Anne Nobels

2020 Induced abortion : a cross-sectional study on knowledge of and attitudes toward the new abortion law in Maputo and Quelimane cities, Mozambique

Olivier Degomme, Kristien Michielsen

2020 Institutional and contextual obstacles to sexuality education policy implementation in Uganda

Els Leye, Kristien Michielsen

2020 Chloroquine Administration in Breastfeeding Mothers Associates with Increased HIV-1 Plasma Viral Loads

Stanley Luchters

2020 COVID-19 in Africa : care and protection for frontline healthcare workers

Stanley Luchters

2020 Gender difference in mortality among pulmonary tuberculosis HIV co-infected adults aged 15-49 years in Kenya

Peter Gichangi

2020 Religious, socio-cultural norms and gender stereotypes influence uptake and utilization of maternal health services among the Digo community in Kwale, Kenya : a qualitative study

Peter Gichangi

2020 Contraceptive and reproductive health practices of unmarried women globally, 1999 to 2018 systematic review and meta-analysis

Wei-Hong Zhang

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