2023 Failure of nutritional treatment among children aged 6-59 months with complicated severe acute malnutrition without oedema

Bintou Traore Sanogo, Jérome W. Somé, Alain Hien, Coulibaly Doubata Dramane Marius, Ouattara Arsène, Stefaan De Henauw, Souheila Abbeddou

2023 Sexual risk-taking behavior amongst emerging adults in a tertiary institution of learning in Coastal Kenya : a qualitative study of stakeholders’ perspectives using causal loop mapping

Stevenson Chea, Vincent A. Kagonya, Eunice A. Oyugi, Carophine Nasambu, Isaac Menza, Fauz Ibrahim, Osman Abdullahi, Alice Anika, Amin S. Hassan, Souheila Abbeddou, Kristien Michielsen, Amina Abubakar

2023 A qualitative inquiry of experiences of HIV-related stigma and its effects among people living with HIV on treatment in rural Kilifi, Kenya

Stanley Wanjala, Moses K. Nyongesa, Rachael Mapenzi, Stanley Lüchters, Amina Abubakar

2023 Foregone health care in adolescents from school and community settings in Indonesia : a cross-sectional study

Minh D. Pham, Susan M. Sawyer, Paul A. Agius, Elissa C. Kennedy, Ansariadi Ansariadi, Fransiska Kaligis, Tjhin Wiguna, Nisaa R. Wulan, Yoga Devaera, Bernie E. Medise, Aida Riyanti, Budi Wiweko, Karly I. Cini, Thach Tran, Jane Fisher, Stanley Lüchters, Peter S. Azzopardi

2023 Sex, sexuality, and intimate relationships among Afghan women and men of refugee background living in Melbourne, Australia : experiences, opportunities, and transcultural tensions

A Russo, B Lewis, R Ali, A Abed, G Russell, Stanley Lüchters

2023 The effect of the Xpert HIV-1 Qual test on early infant diagnosis of HIV in Myanmar and Papua New Guinea : a pragmatic, cluster-randomised, stepped-wedge, open-label trial

Yasmin Mohamed, Hla Htay, Janet Gare, Andrew J B Vallely, Angela Kelly-Hanku, Win Lei Yee, Paul A Agius, Steven G Badman, Minh Duc Pham, Claire Nightingale, Xiang-Sheng Chen, Zure Kombati, Amelia Koata, Gloria Munnull, Selina Silim, Win Thein, Tin Maung Zaw, Latt Latt Kyaw, Mark Stoove, Suzanne M Crowe, David Anderson, Htay Htay Tin, Stanley Lüchters

2023 Using social practice theory in measuring perceived stigma among female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya

Joseph Newton Guni, Stanley Wanjala, Griffins Manguro, Caroline Gichuki, Megan SC Lim, Minh D. Pham, Stanley Lüchters, James Orwa

2023 'Invisible hence inexistent?' : sexual violence in older adults

Anne Nobels, Gilbert Lemmens, Christophe Vandeviver, Nele Van Den Noortgate, Marie Beaulieu, Ines Keygnaert

2023 'Just something that happened?' : mental health impact of disclosure and framing of sexual violence in older victims

Anne Nobels, Charlotte Meersman, Gilbert Lemmens, Ines Keygnaert

2023 An ecological approach to understanding the impact of sexual violence : a systematic meta-review

Dagmar Stockman, Laura Haney, Kasia Uzieblo, Heather Littleton, Ines Keygnaert, Gilbert Lemmens, Lesley Verhofstadt

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