2019 Using the VALGENT-3 framework to assess the clinical and analytical performance of the RIATOL qPCR HPV genotyping assay

2019 Initiation and completion rates of isoniazid preventive therapy among people living with HIV in Far-Western Region of Nepal : a retrospective cohort study

Wei-Hong Zhang

2019 Prediction of fetal loss in Chinese pregnant patients with systemic lupus erythematosus : a retrospective cohort study

Wei-Hong Zhang

2019 Adult and young women communication on sexuality : a pilot intervention in Maputo-Mozambique

Kristien Michielsen

2019 The political, research, programmatic, and social responses to adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights in the 25 years since the International Conference on Population and Development

Kristien Michielsen

2019 The state of adolescent sexual and reproductive health

Kristien Michielsen

2019 Differential sexual network connectivity offers a parsimonious explanation for population-level variations in the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis : a data-driven, model-supported hypothesis

2019 SimpactCyan 1.0 : an open-source simulator for individual-based models in HIV epidemiology with R and Python interfaces

2019 The practice of female genital mutilation across the world : data availability and approaches to measurement

Els Leye

2019 Performance of a novel low-cost, instrument-free plasma separation device for HIV viral load quantification and determination of treatment failure in people living with HIV in Malaysia : a diagnostic accuracy study

Stanley Luchters

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