2022 Eight-year experience of maternal death surveillance in Morocco : qualitative study of stakeholders’ views at a subnational level

Saloua Abouchadi, Isabelle Godin, Wei Hong Zhang, Vincent De Brouwere

2022 Exploring the link between oil exploitation and cancer in the indigenous population of Ecuador : a scoping review

Tibo Uyttersprot, François Janssens, Danielle Fernandes, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Gender differences in the association of sexual orientation with depressive symptoms : a national cross-sectional study among Chinese college students

Jingman Shi, Alexis Dewaele, Wenjian Lai, Ziyi Lin, Xiaoliang Chen, Qian Li, Hongqiong Wang, Lan Guo, Ciyong Lu, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Perceived discrimination and relationship satisfaction among same-sex couples : the role of dyadic stress and sex

Chao Song, Ann Buysse, Wei Hong Zhang, Alexis Dewaele

2022 Sex differences in the romantic relationships of same-gender couples : the role of visibility management

Chao Song, Ann Buysse, Wei Hong Zhang, Jon Lasser, Alexis Dewaele

2022 The challenges faced by nursing homes during the early COVID-19 outbreak

Jun Zhang, Di Xiao, Katrina Perehudoff, Mustafa ‘Mike’ Z Younis, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Improving access to maternal health services among rural hard-to-reach fishing communities in Uganda, the role of community health workers

Ali Ssetaala, Julius Ssempiira, Mathias Wambuzi, Gertrude Nanyonjo, Brenda Okech, Kundai Chinyenze, Bernard Bagaya, Matt Price, Noah Kiwanuka, Olivier Degomme

2022 A comparative human rights analysis of laws and policies for adolescent contraception in Uganda and Kenya

Katrina Perehudoff, Denis Kibira, Elke Wuyts, Carles Pericas Escale, Joyce Omwoha, Hendrika A. van den Ham, Aukje K. Mantel-Teeuwisse, Kristien Michielsen

2022 Gendered experiences of parent–child communication on sexual and reproductive health issues : a qualitative study employing community-based participatory methods among primary caregivers and community stakeholders in rural South-Western Uganda

Dorcus Achen, Viola N. Nyakato, Cecilia Akatukwasa, Elizabeth Kemigisha, Wendo Mlahagwa, Ruth Kaziga, Gad Ndaruhutse Ruzaaza, Godfrey Z. Rukundo, Kristien Michielsen, Stella Neema, Gily Coene

2022 How did COVID-19 measures impact sexual behaviour and access to HIV/STI services in Panama? Results from a national cross-sectional online survey

Amanda Gabster, Jennifer Toller Erausquin, Kristien Michielsen, Philippe Mayaud, Juan Miguel Pascale, Carles Pericas Escale, Michael Marks, Jennifer Katz, Gonzalo Cabezas Talavero, Marilu de Argote, Anet Murillo, Joseph D Tucker

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