Ms Leni Linthout



As a recent graduate in Social Work and Social Pedagogy, Leni Linthout is a member of the Gender & Violence Team within ICRH. She has the ambition to contribute to equal rights for every child, woman and man on the planet and especially for those living in vulnerable situations. Therefore, there is a need to tackle inequalities on different levels: micro, meso and macro-level. In order to broaden her horizon and to gain deeper insight in policy-making processes, she is currently involved in an Advanced Master (evening) program focusing on European Integration and Development.

She contributes to the implementation of the INHeRE-project as a junior PhD-fellow. With INHeRE she strives towards optimized and streamlined care pathways for migrants, refugees and applicants of international protection who are victims of sexual violence and/or sex trafficking. The scientific approach to and output of INHeRE forms the basis of Leni's PhD.