Good practice tool for police hearings with migrant, applicant for international protection, refugee (MAR), trafficked, and LGBT+ victims of sexual violence

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Silvia Lamonaca, Klaus Vanhoutte, Leni Linthout, Lotte De Schrijver, Venetia Clarke, Raquel Correia, Ines Keygnaert


The good practice tool has been developed as part of the EU-funded project INHeRE, aimed to improve holistic care for migrants, applicants for international protection and refugees (MAR) who have experienced sexual violence by strengthening the capacity of multi-sector professionals. The tool has been designed for police authorities who investigate and/ or conduct hearings of vulnerable victims of sexual violence and trafficking.




Ines Keygnaert

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GoodPracticeTool_ENG_Lamonaca_et_al._2021.pdf (open)

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