Evaluation of the existing assistance landscape for perpetrators and potential perpetrators of sexual violence

About 67% of the 16-69 year-old participants in this study were once victims of sexual violence. In this same population, 21% reported ever having committed some form of sexual violence themselves (Keygnaert et al., 2017; Keygnaert et al., 2021).

The Minister of Welfare, Public Health, Family and Poverty Reduction is committed to evaluate and optimize the counselling and treatment landscape for sexual offenders, both from a curative and preventive perspective. In order to be able to do what is necessary within the current legislature 2019-2024, it is important to quickly gain insight into the assistance landscape. This research project seeks to respond to this need by mapping the existing assistance landscape for the guidance and treatment of potential perpetrators, offenders and perpetrators of sexual violence, to identify additional needs and to examine how the existing guidance and treatment offerings can be further optimized with a view to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of sexual violence.

The project takes place from November 2021 until October 2022 and is commissioned by the Support Centre Welfare, Public Health and Family.

Partners: Support Centre Welfare, Public Health and Family


Prof. dr. Ines Keygnaert (coordinator) Lotte De Schrijver Nele Vaerewijck




Partners: Steunpunt Welzijn, Volksgezondheid en Gezin