Ms Wei-Hong Zhang

Assistant Professor


Wei-Hong ZHANG (MD, MPH, PhD, Postdoctoral of University of Oxford), is Professor and supervisor of PhD and Postdoctoral of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, University of Ghent (UG).  She has been settled in 1991 in Belgium where she got two maters diplomats and a PhD in the public health followed by Postdoctoral research at University of Oxford. She has long-standing experience in coordinating international projects, particularly EU-funded projects in Europe and in China in the field of Public Health. To date, she has supervised more than 20 PhD or postdoctoral research projects. Holding the position of adjunct professor at several Chinese universities including Chongqing Medical University; National Research Institution for Family Planning; Tsinghua University; Tongji University School of Medicine and adjunct associate professor at Tulane University, USA and visiting professor at Aga Khan university in Nairobi. Advisor of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China, Expert of “Overseas Academicians and Experts Beijing workstation” and awarded as “10 leading Chinese Talents on the Science and Technology in Europe 2019” and Expert of European Commission under HORIZON 2020 in the field Public Health. She is also academic coordinator of East Asia platform of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science and members of the steering committee East Asia Platform of Ghent University.


Publications of Wei-Hong

2023 Effect of low‐molecular‐weight heparin on placenta‐mediated fetal growth restriction in a tertiary referral hospital: A 7‐year retrospective cohort study

Jinfeng Xu, Yuxin Tang, Bing Peng, Wei Hong Zhang, Xiaodong Wang

2023 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and corresponding control measures on long-term care facilities : a systematic review and meta-analysis

Jun Zhang, Yushan Yu, Mirko Petrovic, Xiaomei Pei, Qing-Bao Tian, Lei Zhang, Wei Hong Zhang

2023 Characterization of premigration and postmigration multidomain factors and psychosocial health among refugee children and adolescents after resettlement in Australia

Lan Guo, Li Li, Ke Xu, Wanxin Wang, Yanyan Ni, Wenyan Li, Jianhua Gong, Ciyong Lu, Wei Hong Zhang

2023 Spatiotemporal and seasonal trends of class A and B notifiable infectious diseases in China : retrospective analysis

Junyao Zheng, Ning Zhang, Guoquan Shen, Fengchao Liang, Yang Zhao, Xiaochen He, Ying Wang, Rongxin He, Wenna Chen, Hao Xue, Yue Shen, Yang Fu, Wei Hong Zhang, Lei Zhang, Samir Bhatt, Ying Mao, Bin Zhu

2023 The factor structure and measurement invariance of the coping inventory for stressful situations in a sexual minority population

Song Chao, Ann Buysse, Wei Hong Zhang, Ciyong Lu, Meijun Zhao, Alexis Dewaele

2022 Older European adults and access to healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

Yushan Yu, Mirko Petrovic, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Perceived availability of home- and community-based services and self-reported depression among Chinese older adults : a cross-sectional study

Yushan Yu, Jun Zhang, Chao Song, Mirko Petrovic, Xiaomei Pei, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Coping with minority stress in romantic relationships among lesbian, gay and bisexual people

Chao Song, Ann Buysse, Wei Hong Zhang, Ciyong Lu, Meijun Zhao, Alexis Dewaele

2022 Dietary zinc, copper, and selenium intake and high-risk human papillomavirus infection among American women : data from NHANES 2011–2016

Di Xiao, Weidong Li, Wei Hong Zhang, Zihao Wen, Bofeng Dai, Weijian Mo, Shiqiu Qiu, Li Yang

2022 Eight-year experience of maternal death surveillance in Morocco : qualitative study of stakeholders’ views at a subnational level

Saloua Abouchadi, Isabelle Godin, Wei Hong Zhang, Vincent De Brouwere

2022 Exploring the link between oil exploitation and cancer in the indigenous population of Ecuador : a scoping review

Tibo Uyttersprot, François Janssens, Danielle Fernandes, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Gender differences in the association of sexual orientation with depressive symptoms : a national cross-sectional study among Chinese college students

Jingman Shi, Alexis Dewaele, Wenjian Lai, Ziyi Lin, Xiaoliang Chen, Qian Li, Hongqiong Wang, Lan Guo, Ciyong Lu, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 Perceived discrimination and relationship satisfaction among same-sex couples : the role of dyadic stress and sex

Chao Song, Ann Buysse, Wei Hong Zhang, Alexis Dewaele

2022 Sex differences in the romantic relationships of same-gender couples : the role of visibility management

Chao Song, Ann Buysse, Wei Hong Zhang, Jon Lasser, Alexis Dewaele

2022 The challenges faced by nursing homes during the early COVID-19 outbreak

Jun Zhang, Di Xiao, Katrina Perehudoff, Mustafa ‘Mike’ Z Younis, Wei Hong Zhang

2022 The International Sexual Health And REproductive Health during COVID-19 (I-SHARE) study : a multicountry analysis of adults from 30 countries prior to and during the initial coronavirus disease 2019 wave

Jennifer Toller Erausquin, Rayner K J Tan, Maximiliane Uhlich, Joel M Francis, Navin Kumar, Linda Campbell, Wei Hong Zhang, Takhona G Hlatshwako, Priya Kosana, Sonam Shah, Erica M Brenner, Lore Remmerie, Aamirah Mussa, Katerina Klapilova, Kristen Mark, Gabriela Perotta, Amanda Gabster, Edwin Wouters, Sharyn Burns, Jacqueline Hendriks, Devon J Hensel, Simukai Shamu, Jenna Marie Strizzi, Tammary Esho, Chelsea Morroni, Stefano Eleuteri, Norhafiza Sahril, Wah Yun Low, Leona Plasilova, Gunta Lazdane, Michael Marks, Adesola Olumide, Amr Abdelhamed, Alejandra López Gómez, Kristien Michielsen, Caroline Moreau, Joseph D Tucker, Adedamola Adebayo, Emmanuel Adebayo, Noor Ani Ahmad, Nicolás Brunet, Anna Kagesten, Elizabeth Kemigisha, Eneyi Kpokiri, Ismael Maatouk, Griffins Manguro, Filippo M Nimbi, Pedro Nobre, Caitlin O’Hara, Oloruntomiwa Oyetunde, Muhd Hafizuddin Taufik Ramli, Dace Rezeberga, Juan Carlos Rivillas, Kun Tang, Ines Tavares, [missing] International Sexual Health And REproductive Health during COVID-19 Research Consortium

2021 ANSER : five years of global academic collaboration building evidence for sexual and reproductive health and rights policies

Olivier Degomme, Emilie Peeters, Hedwig Deconinck, Alban Ylli, Albana Fico, Gentiana Qirjako, Dorina Ttocaj, Sara De Meyer, Kristien Michielsen, Anna Page, Wina Baeha, Kristi Praptiwi, Miranda van Reeuwijk, Beatriz Manuel, Elin C. Larsson, Carmen Ortiz, Bernardo Vega, Monserrath Jerves, Simukai Shamu, Annemiek Seeuws, Anna Galle, Anne Nobels, Ines Keygnaert, Hazel Barrett, Nina Van Eekert, Tammary Esho, Els Leye, Carles Pericas Escale, Samuel Thuo Kimani, Sofie Thielemans, Dara De Schutter, Remi Moerkerke, Louis De Backer, Viola N. Nyakato, Elizabeth Kemigisha, Wei Hong Zhang, Marleen Temmerman, Lina Hu, Shangchun Wu, Kaiyan Pei, Charlotte Neves de Oliveira, Argyro Chatzinikolaou, Eva Lievens

2021 Repeat induced abortion among Chinese women seeking abortion : two cross sectional studies

Longmei Tang, Shangchun Wu, Dianwu Liu, Marleen Temmerman, Wei Hong Zhang

2021 Repeat induced abortion in 30 Chinese provinces : a cross‐sectional study

Hao Luo, Shangchun Wu, Kun Wang, Jialin Xu, Longmei Tang, Marleen Temmerman, Wei Hong Zhang, [missing] the INPAC consortium

2021 Prevalence and risk factors for repeat induced abortion among Chinese women : a systematic review and meta-analysis

Jinlin Liu, Zhuqing Duan, Hairui Zhang, Chunmei Wen, Longmei Tang, Kaiyan Pei, Wei Hong Zhang

Projects of Wei-Hong


IMPOCHA: Improving soil, potato crops, human health, and forage quality in a climate change context

Project ongoing
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HIV & AIDS Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Adolescent and youth health Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Interpersonal violence Mother and child health Reproductive rights Family planning and contraception Gender Migrant health Policy analysis

Academic network for sexual and reproductive health and rights policy (ANSER)

Ghent University established an Academic Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policy that aims to become a global resource for SRHR policy research, education and service delivery by establishing an international platform for research on SRHR policy related topics; by developing a portfolio of education and training programmes on SRHR policy; and by fostering interaction between SRHR researchers and policy makers.

Project ongoing
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Family planning and contraception Abortion

INPAC - INtegrating Post-Abortion family planning services into existing abortion services in hospital settings in China

INPAC (INtegrating Post-Abortion family planning services into existing abortion services in hospital settings in China) is a collaborative research project under the European Commission (EC) Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The project has started on August 1, 2012 and runned for 4 years.

Project closed
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Health system research Mother and child health

QUALMAT - Quality of prenatal and maternal care: Bridging the know-do gap

General objective The main objective is to improve maternal and newborn health by raising the level of motivation of health care workers to provide high quality maternal and newborn care.

Project closed
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Mother and child health

CHIMACA: Structural Hinders to and Promoters of Good Maternal Care in Rural China

General objective To strengthen and improve the performance of health care system in rural China in order to improve maternal and child health.

Project closed
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Family planning and contraception Abortion

PAFP CHINA: Post Abortion Family Planning Services in China

General objective: To define optimal ways to introduce post-abortion family planning services in urban areas in China in order to increase contraceptive use after induced abortion and subsequently reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies and repeat abortion rate.

Project closed
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