Factors related to police reporting in sexual assault care centers : are we underestimating the role of support persons?

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Saar Baert, Stefanie De Buyser, Sara Van Belle, Paul Gemmel, Charlotte Rousseau, Kristien Roelens, Ines Keygnaert


Few victims of sexual assault (SA) report to the police. Research on the role of support persons in victims' reporting is sparse. We address this gap by examining the association of victim, assailant, victimization incident, and support characteristics with reporting rates among victims attending sexual assault care centers (SACCs). Logistic regression results show that type of SA, delay between SA and presentation at SACC, and presence of an informal support person at SACC and SACC site are significantly associated with police reporting. These findings reveal the importance of targeting victims' support persons to alter reporting behavior among SA victims.




Saar Baert
Ines Keygnaert

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